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The Finest Hidden Places To Eat In Slidell LA |Best Western

If you visit Slidell, Louisiana, for business, professional, or leisure purposes, we want you to read this guide as soon as possible. Although Slidell is not necessarily famous for its culinary prowess, you’ll have to visit the hidden food joints preserved as well-kept secrets to understand the true flavors of this town. Slidell is a charming city and the Places to eat in Slidell LA that we have mentioned in this blog make it more irresistible. If your interest is piqued, join the Best Western wagon of luxury accommodations and get to the town’s unique flavors.   

United States Restaurant Industry: Intriguing Facts

Before delving into Slidell, Louisiana’s secret food joints, let us take a quick peek at the numbers regarding the United States restaurant industry: 

In 2022, the output of the United States full-service restaurant industry rose and reached 

United States 76.5 billion dollars 

The most valuable Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) worldwide and a well-known chain in the United States is 


As of April 2023, promotional deals would convince respondents to eat out more often 


The restaurant sector in the United States is experiencing a bloom and will flourish in the future. Therefore, knowing all the great places to eat in Slidell LA becomes crucial when visiting the town. You need to taste Slidell's authentic flavors and fresh ingredients to know its potential to make you revisit.   

Unveiling Best Places To Eat In Slidell LA
Slidell, LA hotels 

Since we have established that Best Western is among the luxury hotels you must choose for your retreat, we have curated our guide with the distance to and from our hotel in mind. Now, let’s delve into the fun places to eat in Slidell LA

Outback Steakhouse: An Aussie Escape

Outback Steakhouse is not exactly a hidden gem as it’s a popular chain worldwide. However, its flawless and impeccable taste of steaks and seafood makes it a must-mention.   

It’s an Australian-themed chain that become a local favorite for the right reasons. Perfectly grilled steaks, Blooming Onion, great cocktails, and vegetarian options await your presence.  

So, revel in the inviting ambiance and join hands with the friendly staff. Make this chain restaurant your go-to when you crave hearty, flavorful meals in a relaxed setting. 

Koi’s Asian Cuisine: Far Eastern Flavors In The Heart Of Slidell 

Koi’s Asian Cuisine is a well-kept culinary spot in Slidell waiting to be discovered. This cuisine will transport you to the streets of the Far East with authentic Japanese and Chinese dishes.  

You’ll find delicious favorites and new specials every day on their menu. On the one hand, delectable sushi rolls showcase culinary artistry. On the other hand, savory stir-fries and scrumptious noodle dishes cater to your diverse palates.  

Come to one of the best places to eat in Slidell LA and revel in the intimate atmosphere and keen attention to detail.  

Southside Cafe: A Local Legend

A down-to-earth and reliable establishment, Southside Cafe is a casual favorite that offers robust American cuisine complemented by a selection of beers and cocktails.  

Located in a lively setting, it provides a welcoming space where patrons can enjoy hearty meals in a bustling atmosphere. 

Delve into dishes that take you back to your home and comfort you like no other. Their food is parallel to your experience at Best Western luxury hotel, with elegant, warm, and classy vibes.  

Fuji Yama: Japanese Delicacies With A View

When you’re craving an authentic Japanese dining experience in Slidell, you cannot miss the hidden gem of Fuji Yama. 

Experience the yummiest sushi rolls and hibachi grills, which are expertly crafted and showcase unparalleled culinary techniques. 

Delight your tastebuds and eyes with the beautiful and lip-smacking dishes and entertaining views by the chef.  

Zaika Express: Indian Fusion At Its Finest

Indian flavors are hard to get right considering the spice levels and explosion of Indian herbs and spices. However, Zaika Express gets it right every time and provides a healthy transition to India with its food. 

Served with love, this place offers tasty products and an extensive flavor range.  

You’ll have to try each dish here to get the most out of your Indian experience and fill your stomach heartily.  

El Paso: A Fiesta Of Mexican Flavors

If your stomach is craving Mexican cuisine, one of the best food places to eat in Slidell LA, is El Paso.  

This Mexican culinary haven offers food with vibrant flavors and bold colors, knocking every tastebud in your mouth. 

This family-owned restaurant offers a festive atmosphere at their restaurant, which, coupled with generous portions and friendly service, make us a go-to Mexican spot in Slidell. 

Restaurant Name 



Distance From Best Western 

Outback Steakhouse 

Steak & Seafood 

830 E I 10 Service Rd, Slidell, LA 70461-5504 

0.6 Miles 

Koi’s Asian Cuisine 

Chinese & Japanese 

2165 Gause Blvd W, Slidell, LA 70460-4121 

4.6 Miles 

Southside Cafe 

Soups, Sandwiches, and Po-Boys 

3154 Pontchartrain Dr, Slidell, LA 70458-4644 

4.1 Miles 

Fuji Yama 


1736 Gause Blvd E Suite 10, Slidell, LA 70461-5521 

0.7 Miles 

Zaika Express 


1414 Shortcut Hwy, Slidell, LA   

1.8 Miles 


Best Western Hotel: Closest To The Best Food Places To Eat In Slidell LA

Having a hearty and fulfilling meal is critical to a happy and healthy mind and body and to relish a pleasant vacation. So, when you visit Slidell, you can’t miss going to the best places to eat in Slidell LA, and eating your heart out. Slidell’s culinary landscape and hidden hotspots contain diverse flavors that will tease your palate and make it challenging to forget them. After a full meal at these culinary delights, we invite you to immerse yourself in Best Western’s cozy and spacious suites. We are the luxury accommodation provider and the best among all Slidell, LA hotels. Make us your elegant base for cultural exploration of this charming town by ringing us at +1 (985) 781-5655.  

Better yet, visit us at 120 Taos Street, Slidell, Louisiana 70458-3158 United States, and get in touch with us on our socials for all the updates: 


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1. When Can I Use The Business Center At Best Western, Slidell, LA? 

Our business center is accessible 24/7 for all our guests so you can use it whenever you want. 

2. Can I Bring My Kid To Stay At Best Western, Slidell, LA? 

Yes, our premium premises offer complimentary stays for kids under seventeen years of age, so you can bring them to our kids-friendly hotel.  

3. Can I Smoke At Best Western Hotel, Slidell, LA? 

No, we don’t allow smoking inside our Best Western hotel premises. 


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