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Immerse In Nature’s Lap At Camp Salmen Nature Park| Best Western

Do you wish to sleep in nature’s lap and press refresh on your entire life? Do you want to get away and let the outdoors engulf you? Camp Salmen Nature Park has become an excellent option to achieve this vision. This beautiful park in Slidell offers visitors an outdoor observatory rich in natural fauna, flora, and birding habitats. It also provides a glimpse into its enriching historical tales. Are you interested in beginning with this ride? Come to the luxurious hotel, Best Western, and kickstart this exploration journey.   

Insights Into Visiting Nature Parks 

A research article offered insights into visitors' sentiments towards visiting national parks through data from social media. The information found included the following: 

Visitors generally expressed positive sentiments, including feelings of happiness, excitement, confidence, and delight, with only a few instances of negative emotions noted in their posts.  

They often expressed appreciation for nature, often in conjunction with various other factors such as activities, landscapes, and local attractions.  

The nature-based experiences shared by visitors were tailored to specific parks, each offering distinct wildlife or scenic encounters, highlighting the unique profiles of these outdoor destinations. 

Nature parks offer tranquility and assist you in embracing nature and living in the moment. So, let’s find out how you can revitalize yourself when you visit Camp Salmen Nature Park.  

Delve Into Camp Salmen Nature Park

Let’s dive into details about Camp Salmen Nature Park and what you can find here:  

Historic Tales Of Camp Salmen Nature Park

The historical narrative of Camp Salmen Nature Park traces back to the late 1700s when Spanish governor Estevan Miro awarded the property as land grants in 1785 and 1787. 

Among its significant features was one of the olden trading posts in the Bayou Liberty Region and Louisiana, erected in the early 1800s by Joseph Laurent, a prominent lake trader.  

Adjacent to the Trading Post, now known as Salmen Lodge, the park hosted a pivotal ferry service across the bayou from the early 1800s to the early 1900s. Acquired by the Salmen Brick and Lumber Company in 1901, the property served as a timbering site until its donation to the Boy Scouts of America in 1924, transforming into a regional camp reservation. 

The Salmen Brick & Lumber Co. purchased the Breedlove Tract in 1901, encompassing the old trading post and 376 acres, thus ending its century-long trading post use. Subsequently, the company donated the building and around 73 acres to the Boy Scouts in 1924, later expanding the Salmen bequest to 106 acres.  

Recognizing its historical significance, Salmen Lodge was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2006. Plans for its restoration to its original trading post appearance are underway, with discussions of incorporating a museum.  

This relic of Bayou Liberty's past promises to become a focal point for visitors, offering insights into the region's architecture, trading post-era, and the integral role it plays in supplying goods to New Orleans. 

Wander The Wildlife 

For fun things to do at Camp Salmen Nature Park, you can explore the wildlife here and enjoy the thrilling beauty. Various flora and fauna species, which are conserved and thriving, can be seen at the park.   


Frogs, Toads, Salamander 


Nongame Birds, Resident Upland Gamebirds, Waterfowl, Webless Migratory Gamebirds, etc.  

Fish And Shellfish 

Freshwater and Saltwater 

Insects And Spiders 

Bees, Ants, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Scorpions, Stoneflies, etc. 


Bat, Weasel, Black Bear, Manatee 


Aquatic and Terrestrial Plants 


Alligators, Snakes, Lizards, Tortoises, Turtles, etc. 


Enjoy The Trails

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When looking for things to do in Slidell, get started on the trails at Camp Salmen Nature Park: 

Goldfish Bayou Basin Trail 

In the core of Camp Salmen is the Goldfish Bayou Basin with a Tupelo-Gum Flatwoods Swamp. It’s an ecological treasure demonstrating a true Louisiana bayou. It is 0.7 miles. 

Old Fields Plateau Trail 

The largest display of flowering perennial plants in the park is available at Old Fields Plateau Trail, which is 0.9 miles long. It’s a very open area with beautiful views across the meadows. 

Camp Ridge Trail 

If you want to immerse yourself in gardens of indigenous flowering plants and trees, get on the Camp Ridge trail found near the edge of Bayou Liberty. Many of the butterflies and birds call this region their home. It’s 0.8 miles.  

Flatwoods Crescent Trail 

The largest diversity of hardwoods in Camp Salmen is at Flatwoods Crescent Trail, 0.9 miles. Handling pine and oak species and many more trees to flourish is the ultimate goal. 

Have Fun At The Playground 

On April 2, Parish President Pat Brister, accompanied by children from across the region, inaugurated the expansive Kids Unlimited Playground and the outdoor amphitheater at Camp Salmen Nature Park in Slidell. The playground, designed to be inclusive, caters to children of all abilities, allowing them to play and socialize together.  

Adults with special needs also have full access to the playground's smooth surfaces, enabling them to engage with their children and other parents without restrictions commonly found in typical playgrounds. Physically challenged children can utilize the play areas with their assistive devices. 

Situated by the scenic Bayou Liberty, the amphitheater boasts seating for approximately 120 people. It will serve as a venue for various events year-round, including concerts, demonstrations, educational presentations, and official ceremonies. 

Park Rules & Regulations 

Here are some things to do and not to do at the park: 

Only service animals permitted; no other pets, dogs, or horses allowed. 

Glass containers prohibited. 

No hunting or fishing permitted. 

Respect wildlife, keep noise levels low. 

Prohibition on open fires, firearms, and fireworks. Prior reservation required for cooking, grilling, or open flames. 

No business solicitation allowed. 

Motorized vehicles allowed only on roads, not trails. 

Do not trespass on private property. 

Swimming, wading, or diving in water bodies prohibited. 

Removal of plants prohibited. 

No littering; use provided receptacles. 

Do not disturb or collect wildlife. 

Stay on marked trails for safety. 

Avoid drainage ditches and non-recreational areas. 

Certain trails offer ADA-compliant amenities. 

Park usage is at own risk. 

Alcohol allowed only with special event permits. 


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After visiting the beautiful Camp Salmen Nature Park, you can rest well at Best Western, Slidell. This tranquil green park will take you out of your occupied routine and push you towards serenity. However, once you have spent your energy having fun here, you can return to Best Western, the best place when you want to Book Hotel Rooms in Slidell. We can get in touch with you at +1 (985) 781-5655 or meet you at 120 Taos Street, Slidell, Louisiana 70458-3158, United States. So, let’s begin! 




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