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A Quick Glimpse At Our Hotel In Slidell, LA


Welcome to Best Western in Slidell, LA, where refined grace meets warm Southern hospitality. Nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, our hotel offers an unforgettable stay. It caters to discerning travelers seeking luxury and comfort. Relinquish in tastefully conceived rooms and suites adorned with contemporary amenities and plush furnishings, delivering a serene retreat after a day of exploration.   

With warm attendants ready to cater to your every necessity, our hotel in Slidell, LA, promises an exceptional experience. Room reservations in our hotel can assist you in creating cherished memories for a lifetime.  

Explore The Extravagant Amenities In Best Western, Slidell  


Explore the amenities in Best Western

Hotels in Slidell recognize the significance of accommodating families with children. We provide a variety of kid-friendly amenities to guarantee a fun family vacation. We create a welcoming environment for families with children, ensuring that young guests have a memorable and enjoyable experience throughout their stay.  

1. Large Family Rooms or Suites   

Hotel bookings in Slidell provide large family rooms or suites with sufficient space to comfortably accommodate parents and kids. The hotels in Slidell enjoy offering a home away from home high-thread-count sheets on plush king-sized beds for a peaceful night's sleep. Flat-screen TVs, minibars, and luxuriously appointed furniture are just a few in-room amenities.  

2. Indoor and Outdoor Pools  

Hotels with indoor and outdoor pools are terrific for kids to splash around. A room booking in Slidell offers a separate small pool or splash park, ensuring toddlers and young kids can enjoy the water safely.  

3. Playgrounds & Game Rooms    

Our family-friendly hotel provides unique game rooms with arcade games, foosball, or ping pong to entertain kids of all ages. Families and visitors may unwind with fun while vacationing in this quaint Louisiana city. The vibrant playgrounds and fully furnished game rooms offer infinite entertainment.  

4. Local Eateries With Children's Menus   

These establishments cater to families and have children's menus with recognizable and delectable alternatives for younger customers.  

5. Nearby Attractions  

Our hotel is close to family-friendly attractions or activities that give kids easy access to entertainment options. Visitors can wind up and visit these attractions for a rememberable trip. 


Experiences Galore: Unravelling Slidell's Fun-Filled Family Activities 


Fun-Filled Activities For Families

Uncover a surplus of fun-filled family stirs in Slidell! From exhilarating swamp times and water park adventures to scouring the Train Garden and relishing eco-tours on Pearl River, there's something for everyone. Bike rides on Tammany Trace and thrilling junctures at Skater's Paradise guarantee endless excitement.   


1. Skater's Paradise  

Kids who enjoy skateboarding will find a haven of thrill and pleasure at Skater's Paradise in Slidell. This dynamic skate park boasts a cutting-edge layout with rails, ramps, and obstacles to test and excite young skaters of all abilities. The strict adherence to safety regulations ensures children can express their skills and creativity in a safe atmosphere.   

Regardless of skill level, every skater finds their groove in this vibrant environment. In designated seating areas, parents may unwind while watching their children perform feats and acrobatics.  

2. Slidell Little Theatre  

Slidell Little Theatre provides entertainment for both locals and tourists. The Little Theatre is a community endeavor well-known locally for performing theatrical shows and concerts.   

The SLT presents multiple performances and charitable activities each year in its cutting-edge facility on Nellie Drive. Residents, especially kids, participate in bringing the performing arts to the area by attending auditions. 

3. Honey Island Swamp Tour    

The Honey Island Swamp Tour is a captivating and educational experience ideally suited for kids. This tour offers an up-close encounter with diverse wildlife, including alligators, birds, and other swamp inhabitants. Children will be enthralled as they learn about the unique ecosystem from knowledgeable guides.   

The exciting airboat ride through mysterious waterways adds a sense of adventure, leaving lasting memories. Witnessing the beauty and mysteries of the swamp will undoubtedly ignite curiosity and wonder in young minds. Gaining insights into the delicate balance of nature will make it an unforgettable journey for kids of all ages. 

4. Griffith Park  

Griffith Park in Slidell, Louisiana, is a tranquil haven that charms with its unspoiled beauty. Visitors can find peace in this park, hidden among green surroundings. It's the ideal location for leisure, outdoor activities, and rejuvenation thanks to its picturesque pathways, tranquil ponds, and profusion of vegetation.  

5. Pearl River Eco Tour 

Venture on a mesmerizing Pearl River Eco Tour in Slidell. It is a captivating adventure that adjoins families with the natural magnificence of the region. Led by knowledgeable companions, this eco-friendly expedition takes you through the tranquil waters of the Pearl River.  

Guides will assist you in disclosing the lush outdoors, fascinating wildlife, and serene swamps.   

Discover the native flora and fauna. Locate the glorious birds and elusive alligators. Kids can learn about the delicate ecosystem that flourishes in this picturesque climate. Excellent for all ages, this academic and immersive adventure presents a glance into the marvels of nature. Kids can leave with adored memories and newfound gratitude for Louisiana's ecological gems.  

A Fun-Filled Getaway Awaits For You  

A fun-filled family vacation awaits you at our hotel in Slidell, LA! With an overload of thrilling activities for kids, we certify a remarkable experience for the entire family. From exciting swamp tours to water park adventures, the joyful chuckle at Skater's Paradise, and analyzing nature's curiosities on eco-tours, there's something for every young adventurer.  

Our family-friendly hotel, fun rooms, pools, and pastime areas keep kids entertained. Arrive and build treasured memories with your loved ones in our ideal setting for a magical and joyous getaway.     

You can dial us at +1 (985) 781-5655 

Visit us at 120 Taos Street, Slidell, Louisiana, 70458-3158, United States.    

You can also reach out to us on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.   




1. Are there any auxiliary expenses for using the kid-friendly amenities?  

Most of our kid-friendly amenities are constituted in your visit. However, some activities or services may have supplemental charges, which will be disseminated to you.  


2. How are safety standards executed in the hotel's kid-friendly regions and amenities?  

We take safety enormously and have enforced assorted measures, including management, childproofing, and adhering to security policies.   


3. How can parents make exceptional proposals for kid-friendly conveniences during their stay?     

Parents can communicate with our front desk team or visitor services crew to make special requests. We value your input and strive to enhance your family's experience.  


4. Does the hotel propose babysitting benefits?  

We offer babysitting assistance upon request, allowing parents to appreciate some personal space without worrying about their children.  


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